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Christopher Garnier

Christopher Garnier

San Diego, United States

HundrED lähettiläs

Progress-driven educator, motivational leader, and tireless student advocate with a passion for empowering and supporting the most vulnerable and historically marginalized populations in our communities. Christopher is a globally astute, innovative and results-focused education consultant, parent/student right advocate where he has traveled to Nepal, Qatar, Mexico, Finland and both Mainland China and Hong Kong to educate, lecture and learn about global educational ingenuity and its impact on America and the relationship to the classroom. His career history demonstrates a steadfast focus on student achievement and talent for forming collaborative relationships with faculty, administrators, and parents. Christopher earned an M.A. in teaching in 2017 from the prestigious University of Southern California and will be graduating with an Ed.D. in global education in July. He also rose to the rank of Captain in the US Marine Corps and he truly believes in the importance and efficacy of servant leadership.