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Hundred 2018
Interactive Diversity
(Don’t) Guess My Race makes learning about race and identity fun, educational and meaningful to everyday life while also increasing inclusion at school and sparking co...
App, Character Education, Diversity, Empathy, Equity, Game Based Learning, Global Citizenship, Social Sciences
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During Encounters students will get to know the stories of asylum seekers as told by the asylum seekers themselves. The goal is to increase dialogue in society. The le...
Asylum seekers, Equity, Justice, Parity, prejudices, Racism, Refugees, Volunteering
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Hundred 2018
Speed School
The Speed School program employs an intensive, child-centered approach to reach the most marginalized populations, children denied an education due to poverty, conflic...
Developing economy, Dropout Prevention, Equity, Evidence Based, Play
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Hundred 2018
Through eyetracking and artificial intelligence Lexplore makes it possible to identify children with dyslexia in time, allowing for effective early intervention.
Assessment, Assessment, Equity, Literacy, SEN
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Hundred 2018
onecourse is a full software course to get children numerate and reading confidently in their own language, wherever they are in the world.
App, Developing economy, Equity, Evidence Based, Literacy, Math, Numeracy, Personalized Learning, Self Directed Learning, Technology
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Hundred 2018
Redes de Tutoría
An educational movement to build networks of learning based in personalized dialogue, reflection, and community presentations.
Collaborative Learning, Community, Dropout Prevention, Equity, Family Engagement, Intergenerational, Mixed-Age, Oracy, Personalized Learning
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Hundred 2018
The Museum School
The Museum School reduces educational inequality by bringing school to underprivileged children in the form of their local museums, giving them high quality infrastruc...
Community, Developing economy, Dropout Prevention, Equity, Interdisciplinary, Partnership, Whole School Model
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Hundred 2018
Equal Opportunities
A competition to search for and promote educational innovation in Russia.
Equity, Innovation, Learning Environment, Partnership, Professional Development, Project Based Learning, Student Voice, Teacher Development
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Hundred 2018
Lyfta is a rich media learning experience from Finland that invites pupils to have memorable, immersive experiences with real human stories from around the world. Lyft...
App, Augmented Reality, Collaborative Learning, Diversity, Empathy, Equity, Global Citizenship, Interdisciplinary, Lesson plans, Project Based Learning, Social Emotional Learning, Social Sciences, Technology, Virtual Reality
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Hundred 2018
Initiative for Peace
An initiative to train young people to become peace-builders, with the aim of facilitating peace conferences for youth from areas of conflict or post-conflict, ultimat...
Community, Diversity, Empathy, Equity, Event, Global Citizenship, Refugees, Student Voice, Travel
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Hundred 2018
Picture of the Day
A simple and effective way for students to practice important reading skills, such as observing, describing and making inferences, through analysing pictures rather th...
Assessment, Assessment, Critical Thinking, Equity, Inquiry Based Learning, Lesson plans, Literacy, Oracy
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Hundred 2018
Liger Leadership Academy
Liger learners are taught to become 'Change Agents', to take initiative through an inquiry process by seeking real world problems and creating solutions through a comb...
Developing economy, Empathy, Equity, Global Citizenship, Inquiry Based Learning, Leadership, Project Based Learning, Whole School Model
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Hundred 2018
The Daily Mile
In The Daily Mile, children go running outside for fifteen minutes every day to experience the physical, emotional and social benefits that exercise brings.
2016, Equity, Exercise, Health, Leadership, Motivation, Outdoor, Physical Education, SEN
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A Model for Sex Education
This innovation provides teachers the tools to build sex education that answers students' questions. The model lets the students participate creatively and helps them ...
Diversity, Equity, gender identity, Health, Health education, Participation, Sex education, sexuality, sexual orientation, Wellbeing
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Hundred 2018
Afghanistan National Institute of Music
Afghanistan’s first institute of music train children in traditional Afghan and classical Western music, while providing a high-quality academic education, regardless ...
Arts, Equity, Gender Equity, Music, Performing, Retention
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Hundred 2018
TingTing Poetry Education
A new way to teach traditional poetry education using music, art & television to create & use songs that are entertaining and appealing to children.
App, Arts, Empathy, Equity, Language, Music, Technology
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Hundred 2018
Worldreader is a global nonprofit championing digital reading in underserved communities to create a world where everyone can be a reader. They feature an extensive se...
App, Equity, Gender Equity, Literacy, Reading, Technology
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