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How You Can Take Action This Universal Children's Day!

Today is Universal Children’s Day, the global day of action for child rights! Beyond ensuring that all children have their basic needs met, such as food, shelter and receiving relief in times of distress, children must also be given the tools and the space to reach their highest emotional, economical and creative potential, and in doing so, use their talents to contribute to their economies, and to the development of future generations. Here are some practical actions we can all take to help ensure every child has equal opportunity to flourish, no matter what happens in life.

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Celebrating HundrED 2020 And The Education Innovations Community

Who are this year’s innovations? What key themes and needs are coming out of the collection? This month we will focus on exploring and discovering the HundrED 2020 Global Collection of inspiring K12 innovations and the people, opportunities, struggles, and stories behind them.

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