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DNA Group

DNA brings people, technology and matters together - we want to make everyday life more inspiring, productive and entertaining for our customers. Children and youth are at the heart of DNA and we are incredibly excited to support them through projects such as HundrED. This also gives us an opportunity to learn directly from young people and professionals in education.

Children are naturally curious, encouraging students to stay curious is one of the key jobs teachers have. Together we can find new ways to engage students and maintain their natural curiosity throughout their lives to enable lifelong learning.


“We at DNA are particularly interested in how digitalization is changing schools and learning.”

This is an important viewpoint in developing Finnish schools further. Finland should embrace its strengths, such its renowned teacher training program and equality in education, but in addition to this, it should find new unprejudiced approaches to learning and to renewing the current system.

HundrED is very concretely connecting key players and professionals, which is something we embrace. We also hope to see schools challenging each other to share bold ideas in educating. Whatever the experiment may be, you have to think big, because we do not yet know what the future holds, especially in the workforce.

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