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Spotlight 2018

Victoria, Australia

HundrED with their local partner Education Changemakers has worked to identify ten inspiring Victorian education innovations that was revealed at the EduChange Festival in 2018.

10 Inspiring Innovations from Victoria, Australia

The HundrED Spotlight on Victoria, Australia, has been released! 10 of the most inspiring innovations from the region have been announced and are now available to learn from on our website.

The Victoria Spotlight is a joint research venture with Education Changemakers and supported by the Atlassian Foundation. Together we've researched the most innovative things happening in classrooms in Victoria, in order to share them with the world and to help good ideas spread.

Selected Innovations   All innovations

R.A.P is a violence prevention program. It breaks down respect into age appropriate concepts & develops these skills through an interactive mix of media, art, role-pla...
Bystander Education, Respectful Relationships Education, Violence Prevention
2 071 Näyttöä
Fitzroy Academy
Rigorous, flipped learning that students love, built for serious educators. Used in 40+ countries by leading institutions to create entrepreneurial and impact outco...
142 Näyttöä
Phenomenom brings together the latest research in societal trends, student engagement and positive psychology to make fresh food (especially veg!) an exciting part of ...
Food Education
970 Näyttöä
Teaching poor kids in rural Vietnam
Sunflower library is the place for children to read their favourite books on their own ways, learn with educators all around the world, and shape their ways to be them...
ICT in teaching the kids in rural areas
101 Näyttöä
Extended Design Thinking
The core of this course is continuous active learning. This engages the students in participatory actions towards building knowledge out of experience. We have develop...
Active School, Building Design Thinking, Cognitive development, Design Thinking, Empathy-driven learning, Individual cognitive approach
57 Näyttöä
Ginnie & Pinney 'Learn & Grow'
With their delightful characters, engaging stories and whimsical approach, the Ginnie & Pinney “Learn & Grow” series of 8 books, animated videos & teacher resource ha...
Breadth of Skills, Early Childhood Education, Educator, HundrED selection, Parent, Social Emotional Learning, Wellbeing
1 203 Näyttöä
The Learning Co-operative school
Established in 1973, the Co-op school is a community of families and teachers committed to providing a flexible, child-centred curriculum where children make choices a...
Bush school, Consensus decision making, Mixed-Age, Passion based learning, Student-led learning
1 752 Näyttöä
Luminaria Educational Model
The Luminaria Model is structured around 5 key anchors to empower students to become effective architects of their future world: 1. Building knowledge from first princ...
Frameworks, School design, Systems Design, Whole School Model
1 289 Näyttöä
Hands on Learning - HoLspitality
Ten students work with two artisan-teachers one full day each week running an in-school cafe serving students, teachers and parent community. Student engagement increa...
Breadth of Skills, Career Skills, Inclusion Diversity, Life Skills, Respectful Relationships Education
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Banqer is a free online financial literacy tool that transforms the classroom (Year 2-8) into a virtual economy where students get to experience managing personal fina...
Financial Literacy, personal finances
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Collingwood College Creativity Club
Our Creativity Club is not a run-of-the-mill maker space. We salvage, dismantle, reuse and upcycle all sorts of electronics and other materials with the intention of g...
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Discovery Day - Learning in Nature
Our youngest students spend one day per week learning out in nature. Broadly based on the Danish Forest Schools approach, children play in the outdoors, learn how to ...
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