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Spotlight 2018


Our Sustainability Spotlight celebrates impactful and scalable innovations in sustainability education. Discover the 10 innovations that are pushing the boundaries of sustainability education and be inspired to do something similar where you are! The Sustainability Spotlight is in partnership with MUSE School.
Together with MUSE School

Sustainability Summit celebrates selected innovations

"Teaching, applying and advocating sustainability in schools is crucial to the future of our children's lives as well as the future of our planet."  

- Suzy Cameron, Co-Founder of MUSE School

The HundrED Spotlight on Sustainability highlights the innovative practices happening in education that address this important issue. We spent nine months researching sustainability in education and identifying the people already making this a priority in their educational settings. Together in partnership with MUSE School, California, and with the help of an expert advisory board, we’ve selected ten innovations which are impactful, address sustainability in a fresh way and have either spread to other settings or have the potential to!

The chosen projects were celebrated at the Sustainability Summit in Calabasas in November 2018. 

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Selected Innovations   All innovations

Education Chair
The primary objectives of this Project Proposal is Strengthening statistical capacity to support planning and budgeting toward quality education by allocation of class...
20 Näyttöä
Practicing Democracy and Demonstrating 21st Century skills through Student Parliament in Government Schools
Anandshala fortify the foundation of UN Convention on Rights of Child by strengthening student parliament in public schools. The entire process of student parliament ...
21ST CENTURY SKILLS, Change Projects, Child Right Convention, Citizenship, CRITICAL THINKING, Democracy, Equity and Equality, Inclusive Education, Student Leadership
146 Näyttöä
Community Learning Labs
Community Learning Labs is a simple open source technology for collective thinking sessions to form intergenerational conscious order for education needed to collectiv...
Collective Action, future of schools, Intergenerational
39 Näyttöä
Reading Start---Early children’s reading program(for children aged 0-6 in Shenzhen, China. )
1.Children 0-6 years old in Shenzhen can receive our reading backpacks 2. Continue to train reading promoters by providing professional training 3. Continue to cooper...
Basic Education, Early Childhood Education, Early childhood reading
94 Näyttöä
SONG讀團隊由K-12教師組成,共備研發,各司其職於閱讀策略、素養命題、多元寫作、創意閱讀四大課程研發與設計,型塑共學共好共享的團隊願景。課程發展四個階段如下: 1. 共戰契機:研發K-12閱讀課程模組方便教師轉化複製於課室教學。 2. 研發播種:由課程領導人宋怡慧研發閱讀心法,以終為始、以學生為主,進行跨學制教師對話,根據課...
全球視野, 在地實踐, 社群, 科技, 遊戲, 閱讀
523 Näyttöä
Kids Can! Innovation Camp
Kids Can! Innovation Camp provides students with the opportunity to lead their own learning as they tackle real-world problems aligned to UN SDGs through interdiscipli...
Character Education, design-thinking, Empathy-driven learning, Innovation Skills, Makerspace, Open Educational Resource, passion-based learning, Problem Based Learning, STEAM, Sustainability, Teaching Sustainable Development Goals
2 322 Näyttöä
STEAM School
STEAM School is a project-based experiential learning program that is focused on bringing together various stakeholders which include entrepreneurs, students, universi...
57 Näyttöä
We equip students to set and meet their goals, take ownership of their learning experience, seize opportunities and be masters in emotion, relationships and time manag...
Working towards the day where all children will develop a habits for lifelong learning and become responsible Global Citizens
413 Näyttöä
Springhouse Community School
In a culture that fosters the myth separation, Springhouse is an intergenerational learning community seeking to grow a new possibility that reminds us that we are co...
Depth Education, Educational Design, Emergence, Expeditionary Learning, Intergenerational, Living Systems Principles, Project Based Learning, Psycho-Spiritual Development, Sustainability
191 Näyttöä
Carbon Farming Schools
Carbon Farming Schools educate Indonesia students by means of low carbon activities for agriculture and forestry management. By integrating these activities into infor...
168 Näyttöä
The Educate! Model
Educate! prepares youth in Africa with the skills to succeed in today’s economy. We tackle youth unemployment by partnering with schools and governments to reform what...
21st Century Learning, Entrepreneurship, Gender Equity, Secondary Education, Skills Based Education, Skills Development, Student Centered Learning, Workforce Readiness, Youth Empowerment
366 Näyttöä
LitWorld's Seven Strengths Literacy Education for All
The model uses literacy as tool for self-empowerment guided by LitWorld’s 7 strengths curriculum- Belonging, Curiosity, Kindness, Friendship, Confidence, Courage, and ...
Basic Education, Wellbeing
140 Näyttöä