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Spotlight 2019

Pittsburgh, USA

HundrED is shining a spotlight on the educators and innovators who are doing extraordinary things to help students in southwestern Pennsylvania. The HundrED Spotlight on Pittsburgh identifies inspiring education innovations from the Pittsburgh region.
Together with The Grable Foundation & Remake Learning

Education Innovation Forged in the Steel City

For more than a decade, educators in the Pittsburgh region have been taking risks, reaching higher, and pushing the limits of learning. In partnership with the Grable Foundation and Remake Learning, the HundrED Spotlight on Pittsburgh shines a light on the educators and innovators doing extraordinary things to help students in southwestern Pennsylvania flourish.

The innovations selected for the HundrED Spotlight on Pittsburgh, USA have been announced! Click here to see the announcement and meet the 12 innovations selected for the Spotlight. In September 2019, we’ll publish a report and video case studies about these 12 innovations to help educators from around the world learn from what educators are going in southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, USA.

You can explore all 82 innovations submitted to the Spotlight below to see how educators in the Pittsburgh region are transforming teaching and learning.


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Cover photo by Ben Filio for Remake Learning.

Selected Innovations   All innovations

Inventionland Institute Curriculum
Inventionland Institute’s courseware brings innovation and collaboration into the classroom. Using state-of-the-art technology, students enter a world of hands-on, p...
73 Näyttöä
Equitable Student Broadcasting
With no television studio, no allotted class time, no budget, and one second-hand computer, we set out to create a student-run broadcast each morning for our students....
Equity, Student Agency, Student Voice
666 Näyttöä
Project Prism
Project Prism, a team of graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University, created a free-to-play game to engage a generation of children to grow up with increased awar...
Autism, Awareness, Discussion, Educational Game, K-12 Education, Play-Based Learning, University
279 Näyttöä
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild
Based on Bill Strickland’s guiding vision of “environment shapes behavior,” Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild (MCG) is dedicated to educating and inspiring urban youth thro...
3D printing, After School Activities, Arts, Ceramics, Craft, Digital Arts, Diversity, Fabric Arts, Inclusion, Media and Digital Literacy Skills, Mentoring, Photography, Screen Printing, STEAM, Visual Art, Visual Art After-School
479 Näyttöä
Energy Innovation Center Design Challenges
Through Design Challenges, students from different schools partner with local non-profits, businesses, and universities to respond to real-world problems. With advice...
Collaborative Learning, Real World Learning
332 Näyttöä
Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway
The Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway is built on the belief that school systems, individual schools, and departments can improve their STEM education practices through...
Collaborative Learning, Curriculum, Education, K-12 Education, Partnerships, Professional Development, STEM
448 Näyttöä
Summer Dreamers Academy
Our goal is to reduce summer learning loss by showing students that learning can be fun. In the largest research study of its kind, we found that students who regularl...
academic growth, achievement gap, enrichment, opportunity gap, Out-of-School time, STEAM, STEM, summer camp, summer learning, summer learning loss
632 Näyttöä
Mend the Gap, Powered by Kimche
Schools around the world have long struggled to provide every student (especially those most vulnerable) with a personalized educational experience. We automate data p...
Bias Reduction, Educational Technology, Education Equity, Gender Equity, Individual learning, Learning Tools, Racial Achievement Gap, Socio-economic Equity
1 230 Näyttöä
Simple Interactions
Simple Interactions affirms the importance of positive, responsive, and supportive human interactions in children's learning and development. Our approach is based on ...
319 Näyttöä
STEAM Education for At-Risk Residential Youth
STEAM Education initiatives take place with the youth in our organization, who range from ages 8-18. With our mobile STEAM and Maker Labs, youth are able to participat...
546 Näyttöä
Being proactive in formative assessment: 24 PROACTIVE CARDS
Being proactive in formative assessment means that the teacher builds expectations, plans and tries to create a future result that will positively affect their practic...
Assessment, assessment for learning, Formative Assessment, Proactive
1 250 Näyttöä
Bridging the Gap
While Federally Funded TRIO Talent Search programs have been in existence since 1965, Penn State University has spent over three decades rethinking how to meet first g...
Academic advising, Middle School, Post Secondary Matriculation, Secondary school, Secondary School
101 Näyttöä