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HundrED Open

Explore innovations submitted by the public or upload your own to automatically be considered for next year's 100 Global Innovations.

Sharing your innovation is free

Do you have an innovative approach to education that the world should know about?

HundrED Open, as the name suggests, is the totally open part of our platform. Anyone is welcome to submit their innovative idea, approach or product here and all completed applications will be automatically considered for our next annual collection of 100 Inspiring Innovations.

We are looking for innovative ideas and practices in education which adhere to the following search criteria:

1. Innovativeness: It must provide a valuable improvement to education.

2. Impactful: It must've been established for at least a year with demonstrable evidence.

3. Scalability: It must be adaptable and able to work in more than one place, so that it can be used in schools in other areas, and you must be committed to help it spread.

Selected innovations will be notified in August and publically announced at our Summit event in November.

For help on how to fill in your application, check out the project pages of our 100 Inspiring Innovations from last year to see how it's done or read-up on our inside tips from our research team.

Please note that applications for the HundrED Open close June 30th each year. However, the research team will also be actively seeking innovations ans working with innovators to be considered for the HundrED Global Collection.

A shortlist of both innovations submitted for the HundrED Open and those contacted by the research team will be reviewed by the HundrED Academy in order to make the final Global Collection. Those innovations already on the HundrED platform, whether they have been selected or not selected, are automatically considered each year for the Global Collection. In this sense, it is a good idea to keep your innovation page up to date and plan to periodically review it. 

We look forward to finding out about the amazing things you're doing in education! 

Please contact anyone from the research team if you have any questions – we are happy to help. 

Share your innovation

Discover innovations

Poems and Watercolors Project
Students learn various poetry and watercolor techniques and produce a book. This book goes to a graphic and then there is an official book launch on a night of autogra...
114 Näyttöä
The Literacy Pirates
The Literacy Pirates is an after-school, year-long learning programme devised and led by teachers. During the weekly session children aged 9 to 12 years old work to im...
childrens learning, Literacy, Perseverance, Resilience, Self-confidence, Strengths-based
40 Näyttöä
Teaching poor kids in rural Vietnam
Sunflower library is the place for children to read their favourite books on their own ways, learn with educators all around the world, and shape their ways to be them...
ICT in teaching the kids in rural areas
81 Näyttöä
(1)真誠友善的本質: 設計的數學遊戲,可以增加學生之間善意的互動。(2)多元創新的思維:設計的數學遊戲(合縱連橫,拼拼畢氏樹等)都是跨領域的設計,可由多元角度發想解決方式。(3)科技運用的認知:在活動中,學生會使用平板、手機,來協助解決問題。也可以讓學生使用Plickers、Quizizz、Holiyo、Kahoot等IRS即時反...
Gamification 遊戲化, IRS即時反饋, STEAM, 數學奠基模組
22 Näyttöä
Teachers Empowerment Platform (TEP)
Teachers Empowerment Platform is a Ugandan based organization that links key educators, teacher capacity building providers and stake holders to collaboratively empow...
15 Näyttöä
Teacher Takeover
All teachers, coaches and activity sponsors throughout the high school were invited to take part in #TeacherTakeover on Twitter. As a week-long event with prizes, staf...
Digital Citizenship
141 Näyttöä
I-Think – Reel World Problem Challenges for K-12 Education
I-Think works all levels of the education system building mechanisms for system changes. We have developed frameworks for Innovation & Creativity used across Ontario s...
Collaboration, Community Engagement, Creativity, Critical Thinking, deep learning, K-12 Education, Learning based on problem solving, Pedagogy, Problem solving, Real World Learning, Student Voice, Teacher Voice
38 Näyttöä
Trash Heroes
In short, what we do is: 1. we cruise around the city with our bicycles 2. we clean up areas one by one, to make them better for dancing 3. we dance 4. we move on ...
Arts, Dance, Ecological Sustainability, Energy, Music, Social Media, Society, Technology
455 Näyttöä
Being proactive in formative assessment: 24 PROACTIVE CARDS
Being proactive in formative assessment means that the teacher builds expectations, plans and tries to create a future result that will positively affect their practic...
Assessment, assessment for learning, Formative Assessment, Proactive
1 250 Näyttöä
Jambo Bukoba e.V.
We developed a special sports program that teaches school children in Tanzania Life Skills through games. Through playing these games children learn about serious topi...
Charity, Community, Education, Life Skills, School, Sports, Teacher training
153 Näyttöä
Student Engagement in the E-Learning Environment
I train teachers and schools worldwide in flipped learning and cloud computing. My methods allow active learning to take place during the valuable time with the stud...
215 Näyttöä
Protsahan's HEART Program
The HEART Program is a unique arts & technology based model of working with adolescent girls from underserved communities who are at risk or are survivors of abuse. ...
Adolescent Girls, Art Based Therapy, Art Education, Child Sexual Abuse, Creativity, Education, Health, Holistic Wellbeing, Mental Health, Nutrition, Technology
186 Näyttöä