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HundrED 2019

HundrED has selected 100 inspiring innovations that are changing the face of K12 education today. Find out more by exploring their toolkits.
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Valitut innovaatiot

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Seppo on helppokäyttöinen työkalu, jolla opettaja voi muuttaa oppitunnin innostavaksi ja oppilaita motivoivaksi peliksi. Oppilaat ratkovat tehtäviä älylaitteiden välit...
Mobiilisovellus, Motivaatio, Oppimispeli, Oppimispelialusta, Pelillistäminen, Ulkona oppiminen, Yhteistoiminnallisuus
527 Näyttöä
Future Class Network
Education should be closely linked with changing society. FCN spreads the idea of what future education should look like, and designs 21st century education through a ...
Blended Learning, Collaborative Learning, Flipped Learning, Motivation, Network, Open Educational Resource, Professional Development
2 210 Näyttöä
Shadow a Student
The Shadow a Student Challenge is a fun, illuminating, and supportive journey where school leaders come together to empathize with their students and take new kinds of...
Empathy, Inclusion, Leadership, Professional Development, Student Voice, Teacher Development
2 845 Näyttöä
At a time when people are communicating more, but actually talking less, Chatta was designed to help young children develop ‘oral narrative competence’, the biggest in...
Early Childhood Education, Literacy, Modern Foreign Languages, Resources, SEND, Special Educational Needs
1 045 Näyttöä
BRAC Humanitarian Play Labs
Humanitarian Play Labs bring BRAC's signature low cost, high quality play-based learning model to the humanitarian context of the largest refugee settlement in the wor...
Child-Centered, Child Friendly Spaces, Child Protection, Community Engagement, Countries in Humanitarian Crisis, Culturally Sensitive, Developing Economy, Family Engagement, Gender Equity, Low Resource Environments, Play-Based Learning, Psychosocial Support
4 309 Näyttöä
Project Everyone: World's Largest Lesson
Introducing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in a meaningful and purposeful way to bring about actionable change.
Curriculum Tools and Resources, Global Citizenship, global education, Sustainability
1 351 Näyttöä
Edcamps are free and open to anyone, organized by volunteers, usually full-time teachers. The sessions are decided on the day by those who are participating, making ea...
613 Näyttöä
Teach the Teacher
Written and developed by students, Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional learning program for teachers that empowers students to address issues affecting the...
Leadership, Professional Development, Student-led Innovation, Youth Voice
805 Näyttöä
5 Areas of Development
A new school culture that refocuses the curriculum to address 5 key areas of development (cerebral, physical, emotional, spiritual and social) and uses innovative meth...
Assessment, Character Education, Enquiry-based learning, Global Citizenship, Growth mindset, Passion based learning, Personalized Learning, Whole School Model
14 577 Näyttöä
Voice 21
An organization that trains, inspires and supports state schools to teach spoken communication, dialogue, and public speaking to all students and campaigns for oracy t...
Active Citizenship, Collaborative Learning, Communication skills, Dialogic Teaching, Employability skills, Oracy, Student Voice, Wellbeing
3 919 Näyttöä
Mantle Of The Expert
Making stories to create imaginary contexts for learning.
Collaborative Learning, Creativity, Drama, Empathy, Inquiry Based Learning, Interdisciplinary, Role Play, Teacher Development
1 960 Näyttöä
Children on the Edge - Standing in the gap for Rohingya children
Over eight years Children on the Edge supported an unregistered Rohingya community in Bangladesh to provide thousands of refugee children with an education, in a seemi...
Child Friendly Spaces, Child Participation, Children Rights, Community led, Refugee education, Refugee teachers
408 Näyttöä