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FAQ – Submissions

What we are looking for

We are looking for ambitious global innovations that are already changing education worldwide. We want to know about projects that are transforming K12 education to make it relevant, exciting and effective.

These innovations can range from small, one classroom projects to huge, nation-wide initiatives. Our key criteria is that they be ground breaking, scalable and replicable.

Categories HundrED

HundrED is focusing on these five key areas within education. Here is what they mean:


What skills should students be learning in order for them to be as prepared as possible for the world in which they live?

We are looking for schools, organisations and projects across the world that are identifying which skills are crucial for life in the 21st century and how they are taught.


How is the role of the teacher changing and how must it change over the next 100 years?

We are interested in all areas that affect teachers, from professional development to day to day experiences.


How does assessment need to change over the next 100 years? How can it be changed now? What is the purpose of assessment? What are the most effective ways to asses?

We want to hear about ways people are assessing outside of the box.

Learning Environments

What are the most exciting and effective learning environments?

We want to know how learning environments are being reimagined, from physical environments to digital environments and everything in between.


What does great leadership mean on a national level? Across a city? A neighbourhood? Within an individual school? A classroom?

We are interested in learning about groundbreaking approaches to leadership, from leadership training to what it means in everyday situations.

Benefits of being selected

A chance to share your work and findings with the world!

Our goal is to create real, global education reform by seeking and sharing great education ideas.Your project or innovation will be featured as a case study and promoted by HundrED and our partners over the course of one year.

All copyright and credit will remain with the owners of each innovation.