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We have selected one hundred educational innovations from Finland

From December 2015 - February 2016, schools across Finland had the opportunity to submit their ideas for experiments to be trialed over the course of one school year. Over 500 schools and organizations applied.

We received applications from preschools, comprehensive schools and high schools from all regions of Finland. The innovations varied from coding clubs to interactive board games; whilst some of the innovations submitted were existing ideas, others offered were completely new.

To read about each project, follow their project pages here. Please note that all new content is translated into English as quickly as possible. If an update is still in Finnish please do check back in a day or two to read it in English.

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All Skills Teacher Assessment Environment Leadership
In 2016, we selected 100 bold educational innovations that are now trialed in a selection of Finnish schools. Finland is known for its educational success story, and we are seeking for new innovative practices with which we can develop education for the next 100 years.
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We are creating 100 case studies on ambitious educational projects and innovations from around the world. We will take into account a wide variety of schools and projects from all continents that are changing the way children and young people are educated. We are looking for new ways of learning, teaching, assessing and leading.
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We are interviewing 100 thought leaders and changemakers from all over the world who represent a variety of areas within education - teachers, students, government officials and everyone in between. We want to learn about what the next 100 years of education should look like from the world’s leading thinkers.
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