Viviana Pinto

Viviana Pinto

Turin, Italy

EdTech specialist, Educational Robotics enthusiast, Nana Robotics creator.


I'm Viviana from Italy. I'm a Mathematician and in the past I worked in the field of Artificial Intelligence, now I am a consultant for companies and schools for EdTech. I work with students of all ages, usually in Robotics labs, and my main job is to train teachers, especially in Robotics, Gaming and Technology. 

I truly believe that we need a strong Education system in order to create a better future and I am sure that the collaboration between educators from all over the world will help the development of new educational methods. I think that the student must be the center of her/his learning experience and that teachers must become a supporting figure during the learning path.

I have a true interest for STEM Education and I believe that Gaming and Gamification can enhance the students experience. I love computers, boardgames and video games.

In my free time a really love to travel around the world and visit cities, especially museums and castles, and I've been playing volleyball in the last 15 years. I spend a lot of time reading and I love fantasy books.