Shikha Tripathi

Shikha Tripathi

Gonda, India

I am an International Educationist Awardee, Ambassador at India Turns Pink, and a School leader by profession. I am an avid reader, creative and a passionate educator ,making innovations in education

Mrs. Shikha Tripathi

*Trained- IIM*( Raipur)

International Educationist Awardee

Ambassador at INDIA TURNS PINK.

Honorary Advisor at Oxford Eduserve.

Principal, Seth M R Jaipuria Group

The perfect example of women empowerment who is giving society the most precious thing needed "Education".

A passionate educator who believes that it is only through education that India's destiny can change .Mrs Shikha Tripathi ,principal Seth MR Jaipuria school ,Gonda has been associated with education sector for over 14 years with a masters in biotechnology and a passion for education. Mrs Tripathi has also undergone a course in leadership and change management from *Indian institute of management, Raipur*. She has been a pivot around whom the entire system has been built and closely monitors the unpacking of entire system. She takes active interest in training teachers on how to develop the curriculum and loves to take feedback on how to improve the system. She has also presented various seminars and workshops in sunbeam group of institutions and Jaipuria group of schools. She has facilitated several conferences at various principals conclave. She has headed Sunbeam school Faizabad. Bhavdiya public school to varied achievement and was invited as a speaker in world *education summit of digital learning* platform , Nexttech education, school, health champs, GETI forum of CMS., Scoo news forum and interview with wonder publish magazine.

While she was a teacher her project was selected twice at national level in *National children science Congress*.

Not only this she has been awarded for *Achievers award* for introducing new methods of teaching at CMS lucknow, principals conclave.She was also

awarded for *Innovative idea fellowship award* at 10 the Ed leadership program.The sky has no limits. She had also

given interview on zee TV and aaj tak for introducing transport safety measures at school. Also recently she had been featured in elets digital learning e- portal on school fee issue. Recently she had been awarded *OJASVITA AWARD* on womans day and *International Educationist Award*. She had been sharing her valuable ideas as Honorary Advisor at Oxford Eduserve.

She believes in holistic development in students and is herself an avid reader, a music lover ,A blogger, a motivational speaker, a youtuber, creative and an excellent orator. She has been acknowledged and awarded by several organisations but her students winning accolades all over is what gifts her the most happiness.


Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I beleive that destiny can be changed by education only. As an Ambassador, I want great innovations and progression to br done in education so as to make learners educated and knowledgable. Also, Gamification in learning will make kids more engaged and motivated. Think local and act global , is the thought process to make community of hundred rich in terms of education and values.

How can education support students to flourish?

Education supports students to acquire knowledge and values . Life skills learnt by education can be a stress buster in the stress situations. We as educators are responsible for inculcating human values, human bonding and most important is self realization.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation in education is all about to just GET RID OF THE BOX rather than thinking outside box. It encourages students and teachers to research, explore, and use all the tools to uncover something new. Innovation involves a different way of looking at problems and solving them. It also improves education because it compels students to use a higher level of thinking to solve complex problems.

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

1. Class engagement. 2. Learning in innovation. 3. Exploring the happiness I loved above innovations because I beleive these are mandatory to drive change and will catalyse the learning process.

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

1. Making kids engahed and motivayed in virtual classrooms. 2. Making teachers motivated under stress. 3. Values and etiquettes training to transform into human.