Patrick Carroll
Ambassador, Advisory

Patrick Carroll

Doncaster , GB

Assistant Headteacher of a primary school in the UK who uses a wide-range of creative and innovative ICT tools to establish global links so that his children recognise the possibilities available when you communicate and collaborate beyond borders.

Feeding Family Reading
We wanted to get more parents reading at home with their children and so we told them about the class text so that whilst we were reading sections over the week in class, they could do the same at hom
Mini Managers
Why are football managers usually older than the players? Because children don't get the opportunity to lead teams when they are younger until now. We want to use the enthusiasm and knowledge that chi
Marvellous Mistakes
How creative can you be with a single piece of paper? Very, actually. Over the course of a project between partners within Europe we gave our classes monthly tasks that involved them having to create
Plastic Pollution
Each month we are setting our children various collaborative challenges within our schools based on plastic pollution. We have begun by finding out how much people within the community know about plas
Microsoft Translator Project
A UK school and a Finnish one are getting their children to collaborate and communicate with each other by using the app as part of an eTwinning project. The children have regular sessions where they