Jagadish Reddy
Ambassador, Advisory

Jagadish Reddy


Founder & CEO at INschools INDIA, Hybrid Learning For Life

With 16 years of experience in varies fields, I am essentially a hands-on professional education and technology. My current innings is driven by my passion towards education and the vast potential it holds to change lives.  

After several years of observing and considering how poor the learning outcomes among our young people are, I decided, I have to do something. I started dreaming, brainstorming, and hoping and I realized that there was a lot to do, a whole lot! 

We started to realize there were some major services that needed to be provided to parents and schools and teachers. We were creating a community of the concerned that can collaborate to bring out the best in our children. 

Why do I have such a vision? 

I have this vision because we at INschools believe that we are living in a crucial hour in our history. The fact is that while there’s so much marketing and while the education industry in India has become a big business, learning outcomes are actually quite low. India has one of the lowest rankings in terms of what students are actually learning. Action must be taken and it must be taken now. We need a change in our emphasis; we need to start thinking about how to actually help our children learn, overcome learning challenges, and fulfill the entirety of their magnificent potential. 

INschools has done some thinking; and we decided to bring together a community using some pretty useful services. 

Together, as the INschools community, let’s bring out the best in our children so that India can be the nation we all dream to see in the 21st century.