Hamish Higginson
Ambassador, Advisory

Hamish Higginson

Hamish is the Director of Programs and Head of Education for an international educational consultancy company, specialising in professional development and learning.

Hamish is a passionate education specialist with extensive experience in developing, managing, and directing educational projects and programs.

Hamish has worked with and advised governments, corporations, funding organisations and NGO’s. He has consulted on the development of national and international development programs and has led on the design, implementation, and sustained application of these programs.

Hamish’s work as an Education Consultant has included International Educational Development in several countries, UK University-based Teacher Training, and UK Secondary School Education.

He has designed and delivered innovative training and validation programs for the British Council’s global education Professional Development across S&E Asia, Africa, MENA, the Americas, and Europe; and has spent over 8 years working with government funded secondary schools in Uganda, concentrating on the development of curriculum, pedagogy, and school leadership.

His recent work in Egypt involved consulting for the Ministry of Education, DFID, World Bank, UNICEF, WFP, and UNESCO. Whilst with the President’s Specialised Council for Education he developed and lead a National Training program as Director of PerformEd (Teachers First). Hamish’s work has focused on building system-wide infrastructure to deliver the ‘Professional Behaviour' programs that are impacting today’s education system and can be effectively integrated across the national education environment. Hamish has since gone on to consult for Education Ministries wishing to develop their pre-service and in-service teacher training.

Hamish’s work in formal education began when he received the Ted Wragg award for Excellence at Exeter University. He has continued close links with Exeter University supporting teacher training, lecturing on ‘Classroom and Behaviour Management’ and ‘Establishing Citizenship Education’.