Bridget Mawtus

Bridget Mawtus

Bridget is in the final stage of her PhD exploring the relationship between play and creativity in the UK secondary classroom. A teaching professional with thirteen years in the classroom, she is interested in how a personalized approach to planning can improve outcomes for all learners.

After teaching in the UK and Denmark for thirteen years, I had become intrigued by the challenges faced by young people stepping away from their educational experiences and wondering if the education that they are provided with is preparing them for a successful life. Being involved in the investigation into Pedagogy of Play as a teacher-researcher, I became inspired to explore the link between play in the classroom and creativity with a serious understanding of the academic rigor that is the target of the secondary education sector, not to mention a prior experience of the workload that teachers face. I engaged in my PhD hoping to provide evidence of a link between playful learning and creativity in an adolescent learning phase with easy to use materiel enabling any teacher to develop playful strategies by exploring the HOW of teaching rather than the WHAT. 

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