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New Project is Looking for Solutions Scaling Social and Emotional Learning Programs Globally

The reduction of social interaction, physical activity, & play caused by the COIVD-19 pandemic has dramatically increased emotional stress in students worldwide. The HundrED Spotlight on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), led by HundrED in partnership with The LEGO Foundation, will select 10-20 of the most innovative, impactful, and scalable education programs fostering SEL skills in students.
What are the most essential parent actions that empower children to become independent learners?
In our Community Conversation on Parental Engagement with Dr. Tyler Thigpen, we discussed the importance of parents as a key stakeholder in education as it relates to his experience as the Head of the
The Qatar Spotlight Submission Period is Now Closed and the Review Process is Underway!
Last month the application period closed for our Qatar Spotlight, created in partnership with the Qatar Foundation. The Spotlight aims to discover 5-10 of the brightest K12 education innovations in th
From the Bronx to the World: Compassion is the New Curriculum
Green Bronx Machine is a radical organization that evolved from an after-school program to a full K12 model integrated into the core curriculum. In this article, HundrED Innovator Stephen Ritz, founde
Want to build a healthy school? Just ask the experts
APPLE Schools is an innovative health promotion initiative that improves the lives of 20,000+ students annually in Canada. In this article, Magdalena Pawlowski, the Communications Specialist at APPLE
Museo Moderno: Providing Children and Teens with Autism an Inclusive Opportunity to Engage in Art
1 out of 59 children is diagnosed with autism in the world. Museo Moderno focuses on providing children and teens with Autism an inclusive opportunity to engage in meaningful visual arts activities. T

Quality Education for All during Coronavirus

Health officials are currently taking steps to prevent the introduction and spread of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) into communities across the world. The pandemic situation is affecting the lives of many students, families & communities. This special collection is collecting stories and solutions from schools around the world doing their best for students.
Proactive Measures In Education During The Coronavirus Pandemic
The current state of education globally is seeing a shift, especially in relation to learning environments. With the increasing amount of schools focusing on online delivery methods as well as parents
A Guide For Caring for Children During Extended Family Confinement
The following document has been developed by Jesse Coffino and Krystina Tapia in consultation with Cheng Xueqin, in response to the continued global transmission of novel coronavirus COVID-19. This is
'Parents Really Matter' – How To Engage Parents In Education & Why You Should
Children growing up in poverty are already a year behind their wealthier counterparts by the age of three. However, there are still children who manage to overcome their difficulties and manage to do

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