Special Education innovations

Special Needs (in the context of children at school) refers to distinct requirements facilitated by educators resulting from learning difficulties, physical disability, or emotional and behavioural difficulties.
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Youth Essential Skills Academy
With the 21st century global organization view, we work across the Somali community by providing multi-services, especially in the field of education. Our mission is to promote youth skills and knowle
Hunu Teletherapy
It is no secret that early and intensive intervention for autism and social communication delays reduce symptoms but African families are finding it challenging to access interventions for their child
School of Hidden Talent
We are trying to spread quality of education from rural to urban. We are inspiring students to get education for innovation based entrepreneur.
Annie Advisor
According to research, only about 20% of students as for help in time. Annie is a chatbot that nudges students at the right times via text message to offer them help, lowering the threshold to ask an
MoovKids supports the development of the fundamental movement skills which every child should master by age 8. This structured ready to use curriculum and instructional video resource with search opti
Nakuru Home Schooling
Families and parents wanted an improvised way to have their children educated in a safe and trusted learning learning environment. This is where Nakuruschooling was born. It is a program that gets ch
Go So High Foundation is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political registered organization aiming at nurturing, educating and empowering marginalized children to discover themselves and unleash th
We put the needs of students and professors at the forefront. The tools we create are precise, reliable, and easy to use. Above all – they are designed to convey the rich complexity of gross anatomy i
Yaaka Digital Network (
A learning and training platform offering online and offline learning materials input and access. Teachers and schools need to be enabled to use the good technology tools available to create and faci
LearnDex is an on-demand P2P Learning platform with an in-platform economy system, aiming the students to learn and teach topics from their textbooks, and earn money in that process.In the LearnDex pl
Special needs individuals often have difficulties to participate in many activities that non-disabled individuals regularly take part in such as art performance and elevator pitch. This project seeks
The OpenEMIS initiative is designed to strengthen data systems in the education sector. The fully open source software is designed to be integrated, configured and deployed in any education system an