Special Education innovations

Special Needs (in the context of children at school) refers to distinct requirements facilitated by educators resulting from learning difficulties, physical disability, or emotional and behavioural difficulties.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
In the US alone, the CDC identifies one in 68 children as diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Otsimo is democratizing access to special education & speech therapy through its leading game
What do have in common 1.7 M people in Portugal? And how many in the world? They used to leave school without being able to read, write or communicate. This is still the same as branding them for un
Prafull Oorja Charitable Foundation
Prafull Oorja trains yoga therapists to implement sustainable programs with communities in vulnerable conditions. We use yoga as a form of healing & empowerment. Our programs reach 500+ children w/ sp
We're re-inventing how we teach on the internet. 2020 made it clear that 8 year olds do not learn well on Zoom. But they spend hours on Animal Crossing. We took successes from gaming and impo
MoovKids supports the development of the fundamental movement skills which every child should master by the age of 8. This structured ready to use curriculum and instructional video resource with sear
Study Boosters
We work to transform the lives of children in need through creating access to quality education by making books, educational resources, and basic necessities affordable to educators serving kids in ne
FAMbot Remote: Socially Assistive Robotic Learning for All
A future of learning where anyone can learn anything! FAM offers remotely operated social robots to families; learning sessions guided by field experts, teachers, therapists, giving any child, anywhe
We are a Finnish company bringing together universities, game developers and educators to create fun, evidence-based literacy apps for young children in every major language. GraphoGame teaches letter
Little Learners Preschool
We are the first Preschool in Abaco, Bahamas since Hurricane Dorian destroyed the island in September 2019. We provide a high-quality play-based learning environment for early childhood. After the sto
Simulador en Línea de entrevistas laborales para personas hipoacúsicas
¿Te has sentido frustrado después de una entrevista laboral? ¿Pensás que pudiste haberla hecho mejor? SETH te permite capacitarte y practicar con una simulación para aprender algunos trucos y estar m
SayKid's ToyBot
Most technology wasn't designed for early learners. Touch interfaces aren't natural, rigid form factors aren't playful, and visual content passively engaging kids. SayKid has created the 1st truly scr
"Puppet Gingo with educational and fun activities for encouraging oral-motor skills. Take a card, look closely to see what Gingo is doing on it and start your mouth workout!" Added cards with written