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This collection embraces our world of connectivity and exchange through providing access, resources and more. Online education is a growing field and technology has accelerated our ability to connect, share and exchange information. Your new discovery is just a click away!
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
A community for teaching and learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Scientix promotes and supports a Europe-wide collaboration among STEM teachers, education researchers, po
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Kolibri is Learning Equality's holistic ecosystem of adaptable and flexible products and tools designed for offline-first teaching and learning. It is specially designed to meet the teaching and learn
EIDU has built a technology-supported education program enabling the integration, assessment and continuous improvement of its learning components. We combine an open digital platform with Tayari, one
Energised Administration
The government and education leaders manage learning in a large number of schools. Collection and analysis of data can be daunting. Tools to facilitate easy and relevant assessments and analysis that
Micro Innovations
Every School leader wishes to enhance their school learning environment so that every student realises their potential. They feel empowered to undertake such daunting projects by using the improvement
The Magic STEAM Train Project
The Magic STEAM Train Project works with primary and secondary school students. As part of the Project, we combine museum education with STEAM learning. We also design pedagogical programs that help o
We are an Ed-Tech organisation based in Singapore, that runs the world's first AI-backed Life Skills Platform to help a user unlock their full potential. We began with the vision of the need for upsc
Simply Neuroscience
Simply Neuroscience is a global non-profit organization inspiring students' passion for neuroscience and psychology through interdisciplinary education, outreach, and awareness initiatives. We catalyz
Cultura Maker en Centros Tutelares
Sabes que en México el 35% de los jóvenes que son liberados de un centro de readaptación social delinquen nuevamente. Para solucionar este problema he desarrollado la metodología Maker al interior del
A community of more than 20000 educators built the fastest-growing collective educational portal in N. Macedonia. Building a portal from teachers for teachers, the EDUINO team developed 4723 video les
10 Minute School
10 Minute School is an online educational platform that aims to deliver quality academic and skill development content to Bangladeshi students and beyond, free of cost from anywhere in the world. Thei
Strength TogetHER
Strength TogetHER was started 2 years ago to create a safe platform for sharing personal stories & experience which brings changes in attitude & lives of girls. Girls get to explore, express themselve