Student Mentoring innovations

Mentoring in education describes a relationship between mentor and mentee, supporting learning, experimentation and helping young people develop their potential.
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Nigerian Social and Emotional Learning Project
Project RAISEAware Students is borne out of the need to give our children space and support to develop socially and emotionally, by teaching them how to connect, express themselves, and build communit is the assistant with artificial intelligence to make immediate analyses of personality, preferences, values and competences from texts in the natural language of a person, avoiding the se
Skill Change
I developed a project last year. The name of the project is Skill Change. In this project, students choose one of the skills that they can teach another student. Then he advertises his skill. A marke
School of Future
You truly feel ready to take on the evolving world. You know exactly who you are, you know the value you bring, and you have the skills, tools, and mindsets required to disrupt the world. We help
Proporciona a estudiantes herramientas para formarlos como recreadores de sus familias y comunidad, 3 lapsos de 3 meses c/u, 2 horas a la semana. Familias unidas con actividades. Alumnos del 5to año c
Aula Global
Aula Global tackles learning poverty, a problem exacerbated during the Covid 19 pandemic. The program prioritizes low performing students in language and mathematics and who, as a consequence, experie
The Learning Corridor
The Learning Corridor is a community of learners who are neither exceptional nor top-class performers by any standards. They are drawn from a common region to study proven knowledge via deliberate eff
The Happiness Project
Happiness and wellbeing are important to us all throughout our lives, happy people live longer, get sick less often are more successful, are more apt to get married, and more apt to have friends. I ha
Ek Tara's SEL Programme
Ek Tara is working in one of the largest slum communities of Kolkata, India, We contextualize the community’s issues in our learning programs and work on developing a deeper understanding of the indiv
ECOclicko, a serious game, a research-based game with data assessment, ECOclicko with a simple click, you manage your own buildings and build your own Tycoon, you become your own choice maker, ECOlcli
Building Resilience during Covid-times
In the wake of 15 months of the pandemic and the carnage of the 2nd wave in India, children have experienced not only loss of routine, time outdoors and time with friends, but have also witnessed deat
Has your boss ever asked you to "get a task done by the end of the day"? You say yes with a sense of helplessness - because you know it will be the opposite of quick. Youth in Africa and elsewhere wer