Low Resource innovations

Low‐resource settings are typically characterised by a lack of funds to cover costs, on individual or societal basis, which leads to one or all of the following: equipment, supplies, devices, and basic needs like food.
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PATAC Mexico
We contribute to the preservation of the biocultural heritage of indigenous communities that are at risk of disappearing "We are the cultural fabric of Mexico"
EducALL: Llamadas para educar / EducALL: Calls to educate
The digital and information gap is a cause of poverty, the internet and smartphones are not a viable solution in many poor countries and a post-pandemic economy. But through #CallsToEducate we can sol
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Inverse inclusion
At ICAL we have developed an education model called “inverse inclusion”. We bring formal education to low-income deaf and non-deaf children and teenagers in an environment where the first group repres
Co-Publishing Project : Inspire Taiwan children from remote schools learning motivation
Visual is the worldwide language.This project has already published two kind of Visual composition books which total amount are 6,000 copies. We combined smart phones, internet and social media. Child
Alicerce Educação: cognitive neuroscience and agile methodology to transform K-12 students in Brazil
We offer afterschool programs to low-income students, integrating personalized learning with focus on metacognitive abilities, social-emotional development and cultural expansion. Our teachers develop
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Sakha Esthu - Parent Support Programme
A collaborative project between UNICEF, Nelson Mandela University, The Department of Health & Early Inspiration, gave rise to parent support group across the city under the name, Sakha Esethu. This c
Entrenamiento en el puesto de trabajo - Jobtraining
Iniciativa que busca ser un puente virtuoso entre las instituciones formativas, y las empresas de sectores industriales, con el objetivo de facilitar el cierre del proceso formativo de los alumnos/as
Labzuca is a creative lab created within Fundacion Tiempo de Juego, in Soacha: a municipality on the outskirts of Bogota characterized by its slum neighborhoods and multiple social problems. Children
Agencia de Cambio
“Agencia de Cambio” wants to collaborate with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, promoting and teaching actions in public schools that will collaborate with our NGO: Ollin AC. Th
Move & Improve
Children aged 3 to 6 are provided with the foundations for learning, school success and healthy development through quality ECD and their transition to primary school is facilitated. The sport & play-