Language Learning innovations

The process and practice of teaching and learning a second or foreign language.
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Read Smart
Read Smart is an innovative project to combat COVID-19 learning loss and improve early literacy outcomes based on the use of phonetic charts, illustrating the mouth positions associated with each soun
MoovKids supports the development of the fundamental movement skills which every child should master by age 8. This structured ready to use curriculum and instructional video resource with search opti
Let’s Play Booomwhackers “Learn English through Music and Play”.
Let's Play BW method encourage the students to communicate, to be creative, and to express themselves. This means that they learn English and Music through Play in a simple, enjoyable way. Their main
Let’s Play Booomwhackers “Learn English through Music and Play”.
All activities in my method are presented as games, so in most cases we work in groups, not alone. The BW activities encourage the students to communicate, to be creative, and to express themselves
Antura and the Letters
Free and open source mobile game helping refugee kids to learn to read in their mother languages as well as integrating in a new country by learning the local language. One single App offers both basi
Un violon dans mon école
A violin can change the world helps socially disadvantaged children perform better in school by teaching them to play the violin—a challenging instrument—through consistent instruction from ages four
Teaching and Learning Beyond the Cognitive Learning Limits using NLP techniques
Firstly, students, no matter the age, should be set in a C.O.A.C.H. condition through the Technique of NLP. This way mind and body are fully aligned! Secondly, Educators nd students are connected us
TESOL Tampico Talks
EFL teachers interact with experts in the field. Every session is an opportunity for local, national and international audience to ask, clarify, and comment on specific topics the guest is an expert i
Afghanistan Emergency Education Package
Builds on EAA’s award-winning Internet Free Education Resource Bank (IFERB) and includes holistic learning that is cost-free, screen-free, low-resource requiring, and engaging. Modules such as Surviva
Evidence-Based Supervision (EBS)
EBS helps teachers diagnose areas for improvement and provide them with subject specific or pedagogical knowledge to support their on-going CPD. It was developed to improve teaching quality in educat
Step-by-Step VTA
We are and education business which delivers the ability to learn from anywhere and whenever you want from kindergarten to high school with the official curriculum while ensuring that each child learn
Virtual Play Date
We connect children who are apart through real games and meaningful activities in the digital space. Virtual Play Date encourages development of social and emotional skills for children and provides a