Gamification innovations

Gamification in education is an educational approach to motivate students to learn by using video game design and game elements in learning environments.
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Te Iwi Matihiko | The Digital Village
Our programme helps young people, parents and teachers understand the impact that digital spaces play on our overall wellbeing. We provide a foundation on which the key values of respect, compassion a
La Aldea: Stories to stay at home -
La Aldea is a multi-platform pedagogical strategy focused on educating children in citizenship and socio-emotional skills. In this learning universe, based on stories of a group of animals, children h
La Vuelta al Mundo
La Vuelta al Mundo or 'Around the World' is a strategy which addresses teachers’ well-being challenges and supports them to discover new ways to improve their emotional health, transform their pedagog
Learning Arches
A Visual method for creative defining, designing, delivering and discovering learning experienced and journeys that unfold and build ownership, craft, talent, genius whilst sustaining the flow, transp
Proyecto LAZOS América Latina
Proyecto basado en herramientas de Comunicación para el Desarrollo que promueven la digitalización del campo, la mejora de la calidad de vida y el empoderamiento de jóvenes de escuelas rurales y agric
EarthCraft is a international political simulation board game that divides a class into teams: six continents, Greenpeace, World Bank, the UN, Palestine, and Anonymous. Two students run the game. Stu
FLOW Experience
FLOW is a live experience on the Future of Work designed to stimulate the knowledge and reflection about the topics related to it. Highly adaptable and customizable to a physical or virtual setting,
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Scratch es una plataforma de aprendizaje de código y una comunidad online que permite a los niños de todas las edades crear código, compartirlo y mezclar sus propias historias, juegos y animaciones. E
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
A game-based learning platform that allows educators to create fun learning games in minutes. Students take part in games at school or at home and can even create their own. Kahoot’s mission is to unl
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Una plataforma de aprendizaje gamificado que permite que los profesores creen juegos divertidos para aprender en minutos. Los alumnos participan en juegos en casa o en el colegio y pueden incluso crea
Fun China World
Fun China World ( provides learners an innovative learning experience with a game-based platform. Learners are immersed in a virtual China where they accomplish engaging ques
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Night Zookeeper
A digital learning tool that inspires children to create their own characters who live in a magical digital world. The focus is to improve writing skills through gamified learning.