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TOMi.digital classes can be taught without the internet inside the classroom using the teacher's personal assistant device we’ve created called TOMi7. Our main services include: automatic exam grading
Formación Continua Poliestudios
Somos una gran equipo que trabaja intensamente para educar online a las poblaciones vulnerables de Iberoamérica y así mejorar su calidad de vida y la de sus familias. Educamos con responsabilidad, gen
We collect gently used laptops from corporations and institutions then wipe and load them with an operating system, software and a wealth of interactive educational content. We offer an offline soluti
Smart Revision ( e-learning)
Smart Revision is the largest Edtech technology company in Zambia that focuses on education-based services. Smart Revision has more than 25,000 users, managed more than 100 teachers offering service
KAINO is an inclusive and equitable web and mobile education app that delivers STEM blended curriculum-aligned Teaching Guides to Early Childhood Development centers in Uganda using the KAINOtab.
we lift people by teaching them, online and free, how to become an entrepreneur
Using our online Platform, Universidad Posible, Banesco, one of the biggest panamenian banks and us, IUGT International/Universidad Posible, plan to teach 20.000 young latinamericans how to become ent
Despite the efforts made over the past few years, access to education in Sub-Saharan Africa remains a challenge. The great ambition of SCOLARYX through its educational Box solution with accessible les
Eneza Education
Eneza Education offers revision materials for primary and secondary students in Kenya and Ivory Coast on SMS and Web. Students have access to revision lessons, revision papers, Wikipedia and Ask a Tea
RightToRead is an initiative to take technology-enabled reading to millions in government schools across India and globally. RightToRead leverages ReadToMe®, a multi-sensory AI-driven technology platf
To learn programming in this part of the world is very expensive and unaffordable for parents who are average earners. Children are the future of any economy and that's why this project organises semi
MUVA Assistentes
Public school classrooms are often overcrowded. This makes the teacher’s task difficult, as they cannot give personalized attention to their students. Seeing an opportunity in the current pupil-teach
Scribers World™️ - Creative Hub for Global Youth
Scribers World™️ is a ‘Creative Hub for Global Youth’ that engages stakeholders across the ecosystem of educational and professional development. It is an EdTech platform that empowers our global yout