Blended Learning innovations

Where online and offline meets! The innovations in this collection see the potential of using interaction online as well as offline led by teachers and students, giving more time for self-paced learning.
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Students and staff use digital thank you notes and reflections to strengthen wellbeing and social-emotional skills, reinforcing healthy behaviors, relationships, and self-esteem. GiveThx provides scho
Educational blended learning course to develop entrepreneurial skills for students 12 years old and older. It can be implemented both by individuals and by schools all over the world. The course is ba
Rhithm App
The Rhithm App is the simplest, most innovative social emotional learning and mental health tool. With Rhithm, educators, counselors, and district leaders can all rest easy knowing that they have the
1 Million Teachers
As effective teaching usually comes down to teachers’ skills and motivation, the 1MT programs are designed to attract new young teachers to the profession – providing them with a solid foundation of b
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
OneSky for all children
OneSky trains communities and caregivers through an innovative blended learning approach to provide nurturing responsive care and quality early education, unlocking the potential in vulnerable young c
My Guide Inside: Knowing Myself & Understanding My World (Principle-based Stories-Blended Learning)
"My Guide Inside" supplementary Video On Demand is designed with Kids, Educators & Parents in mind! The principles discussed operate in all people. Globally applicable objectives include: 1. Enhance s
iThrive Sim
Deepen civic learning for students with iThrive Sim! This digital platform hosts simulations that merge live-action role-play, online gameplay, and well-designed content to create immersive experience
Skolen Online -
With online classes taught by skilled teachers and the possibility to self-study we provide learning solutions for homeschoolers, students living abroad as well as for students not thriving in tradit
Wise: Emotional Fitness
You know how 93% of teachers want a greater focus on SEL in schools? Well Wise: Emotional Fitness helps school communities that want to train students, parents, and teachers by reducing barriers to le
Street Racket - anyone, anytime, anywhere
Street Racket from Switzerland is a unique and very versatile concept that brings education, sport and empowerment to ALL at the grassroots level. We focus on active learning in motion and we follow o
ESP: MAC -Masajes de activación cerebral. ENG:BAM Brain Activation Massages
Brain Activation Massage is a virtual course designed for K-12 teachers. Its objective is to train teachers in 3 main areas socioemotional learning, innovation skills, and technological tools. BAM use
Peekapak Social Emotional Learning
Peekapak is an award-winning SEL platform that helps students learn skills like self-regulation and empathy - whether learning is in-person, virtual, or hybrid. This is done through stories, research-