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The possibilities in art education are endless, the collection of innovations seamlessly integrate art into other disciplines to enrich learning and understanding as well as highlight the arts as a fundamental subject for the holistic wellbeing and success of students.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Slam Out Loud
Slam Out Loud is a for-mission, non-profit that places professional artists in classrooms for a 5-year program and through lived experience create scalable, contextualised learning products. SOL enabl
Children in refugee camps and conflict-affected communities learn to create their own murals, performances and digital art. We train local artists to lead programs that provide tools for learners to s
Museum in Residence
Museum in Residence (MIR) advocates for student-led, learning-through-play approaches within schools. MIR focuses on Early Years Education, drawing upon established and contemporary child-development
La educacion peruana requiere que los estudiantes desarrollen sus competencias y capacidades de manera divertida y creativa; y que los educadores demuestren alto sentido de compromiso e identidad, raz
A multimedia arts education program based on the programming of Teatro Mayor that consists of video episodes, animations, and pedagogical guides. Told through the perspective of children, the contents
Caleb STEAM Hub
Caleb STEAM Hub offers the Best Practice in Education for Sustainable Development; it is a platform for the CBIS students to participate in, and contribute to, contemporary global issues at local, nat
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Trix and Trax
Trix and Trax help students discover and develop talents in arts, music, dance, sports...Who they are? and what is their passion? through "peer learning and Role Playing" the student is always the STA
Mindful Music Moments
Imagine an entire school -- students, teachers, and administrators -- taking time each morning to turn inward together, listen to a brief mindful creativity and/or SEL prompt and world-class music.
Special needs individuals often have difficulties to participate in many activities that non-disabled individuals regularly partake such as art performance and elevator pitch. This project seeks to pr
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Raranga Matihiko | Weaving Digital Futures
Through a museum and gallery based partnership, Raranga Matihiko delivers innovative digital technologies to those with limited digital learning opportunities, while increasing access to national and
BODY I SOUND & BOND I Creativity, Learning and Innovation Educational Foundation, Chile.
As a result of a systematic work in different communities, territories in Chile and abroad, plus researches and measurements so far, and the positive results seen, we have established clearly the thre
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Saturday Art Class
Saturday Art Class is a not-for-profit social organization operating in the education sector. It is a school-based intervention, working towards socially and emotionally empowering children from low-i