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Review innovations

Review innovations

HundrED innovations are reviewed by our HundrED Academy and Advisory Board members, who extend their insights and expertise to selecting the most impactful and scalable education innovations. The HundrED Academy reviews our Global Collection annually. Members of HundrED Advisory Boards bring their specific expertise to review innovations for HundrED thematic and regional innovation Spotlight collections.


Innovation reviews


Academy members


Advisory members

Become a reviewer

HundrED Academy

Each year, over 150 education stakeholders from all around the world are selected to join the HundrED Academy and review innovations for the Global Collection. During the review process, they extend their wealth of knowledge and expertise on a global and local scale to identify the most impactful and scalable 100 innovations featured in the collection. Applications for HundrED Academy are accepted on an ongoing basis, with annual deadlines to confirm participation in the Global Collection reviews.

HundrED Advisory Board

A unique HundrED Advisory Board is formed for each HundrED Innovation Spotlight. The Advisory Board reviews and makes recommendations about the 10-20 most impactful and scalable innovations in that specific regional and/or thematic area. The HundrED Advisory Board is selected based on expertise, experiences, and insights that are relevant to the Spotlight. Applications for Advisory Boards are opened on a rolling basis during the Spotlight’s innovation submission period.

How do we review innovations at HundrED?

Applications to become a member of the HundrED Academy are open year round. Special applications calls are made periodically for reviewers with thematic or regional expertise.

At HundrED, we collaborate with a global community of education changemakers to review and select the brightest and inspiring innovations in K12 education through our continuous effort with HundrED Global Collections and Spotlights.

Our goal is to help improve education and foster a movement through encouraging impactful and scalable innovations to spread across the world, while staying mindful of context.

We invite international cohort education experts, leaders, teachers, students, funders and innovators who are enthusiastic about education to critically assess how innovations improve learning and teaching globally to join the HundrED Academy and HundrED Advisory Boards. To date, more than 1000 education changemakers have contributed to HundrED review processes.

HundrED Research

HundrED Research

How do we evaluate the impact and scalability of education innovations? Learn more about our research methods.

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