Volkan Iner

Volkan Iner

Manisa, Turkey

I have been teaching as an English teacher for the 5th and 6th graders for more than 10 years. I have worked different private courses and private schools during my teaching years. Right now, I am working at Ulkem Private Middle School under the Consultancy of METU D.F. , Manisa, TURKEY. To my mind, English is something alive just like a human being. It lives and grows as we continue living. You can never say that you have learnt a language enough to use it properly. It lives with you. As long as you go on communicating, you have to develop your language skills. As a teacher, I feel that I need to make progress in my profession. I want to be adequate and qualified for every single challenge in my teaching life. As every teacher who has received training at university, I have learnt all those methods and techniques. After I had started my professional life, I remembered something I had read before. A predetermined method or approach might be an essential starting point for an inexperienced teacher but the teacher will start to develop an individual approach or a personal method of teaching as he gains experience. This should be one which draws on an established approach but it should also reflect the teacher's very own beliefs, values, principles and experience (Richards & Rodgers, 2002, Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching). Therefore, I have developed an eclectic approach to go on my teaching career successfully. However, every year a new technique or method is introduced and we need to catch up with them. Students are so updated that teachers have to follow the technology and innovations in all areas that interest the both sides in education. To talk about my personal features for this profession, I am glad that I have decided to be an English teacher in my country. I feel that I help people see beyond the walls and have the chance to express themselves. The best thing about my job is that I enjoy doing these. Communicating, showing people something new, persuading them, helping them... In my opinion, no individual can live independently. In society, we depend on each other. Some produce and some consume. I consider myself in the production part. I produce help, education, knowledge, motivation and dreams. I produce for my students and let them consume them to produce theirs. I have been chosen last lucky 50 teachers among more than 4000 teachers for the Cambridge University Press Dedicated Teacher Awards in 2019.

English teacher 

Last lucky 50 teachers among more than 4000 teachers for the Cambridge University Press Dedicated Teacher Awards in 2019.

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This is the best community for me to follow and share the latest innovations all around the world. Meanwhile , one the best supportive community.

How can education support students to flourish?

If we want to develop our students in new ways, we as educators must be willing to develop ourselves in new ways.