Vladimir Spivakovsky

Vladimir Spivakovsky

Kiev, UA

Founder of Edu Future, President of Grand Corporation and Lyceum Grand, Founder of the Brand of the Year national Contest, author of 7 best-selling books, author of the educational platform 7W and 7*******- Star Global School Network, finalist of international educational contests, twice record-holder of The Guinness World Records Book.

He was not satisfied with the school from his early childhood. Therefore, one day he vowed that when he grow up, he would create such a school so, that everything will be different in it.

That day came and he did it. Now he is in charge of big Education Corporation “Edu Future 7W”. He published famous books “The Education Blast” and “Atlas of the perfect education system”. He invents in great request integrative and interactive case-lessons, and takes part in providing education reforms in Ukraine and other countries. He travels a lot, visiting 107 countries.

Hobbies: collecting. Twice winner of The Guinness Records Book for the world’s largest collection of pyramids and for the world’s largest seal.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Because the HundrED Community is a wide initiative, that brings people together with the most relevant, progressive and sought-after ideas in modern education. The HundrED Community is a powerful opportunity to create new models; improve education system and to share the best practices all over the world. 

How can education support students to flourish?

It can provide modern content; new progressive technologies; better education environment; combination of offline and online learning; adequate assessment; effective financing system and aspiration to achieve the required results.

Also, education has to give students a set of competences and skills to support them flourish. But sometimes it is not understandable how to provide these skills. Now we have some solutions.  

What role does innovation play in education change?

The world is changing; technologies are changing; old professions disappear, and new ones appear. The younger generation is already living in the digital world. And there are new challenges in front of it. Therefore, the previous teaching and training methods no longer provide a high educational effect. And the only way out is the intensive introduction of innovations, so that schoolchildren could feel confident, during their studies and in their adult life, becoming successful and happy people.

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)


This program creates an inclusive culture where students lead collaborative conversations with teachers and principals in a constructive and judgement free environment.


I like it because it makes learning funny, magical, useful and engages motivation through games.


It is a good idea – to improve language skills for children to be ready for primary school.

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

1. Case-lessons

Case-lesson is a comprehensive educational technology developed according to a special algorithm, which displays “2 in 1” advanced formula: Standard school curriculum + skills and competences, which are needed in the 21-st century.   

Case-lesson mission:

  • Implementation of a breakthrough in education system, modernization of content and technologies. 
  • Motivation development. 
  • Joint efforts of teachers, students and parents to improve the quality of education. 

The advantages of case-lessons belong to their advancement, excitement, consistency and tempo, which awake pupils’ active motivation to receive knowledge and skills. Case-lessons increase effectiveness of educational process greatly, as they allow to simulate future adult life of students and develop their positive motivation to studying, obtaining new information and mastering very important models of “Life Long Learning”.

2. Artificial intelligence Ai-7W "Nice Child"

If some child is selfish; or he has problems with communication; or he is not attentive; or has no motivation for studying… That’s why there was created a special program of artificial intelligence Ai-7W, which can issue a recipe-solution for such a child.

You will quickly see how the conducting of fascinating case-lessons will affect the upgrade of that child's personal growth. He will get better.

How? With the help of integrated cases in which the necessary learning knowledge is organically intertwined with emotions, feelings and character.

For this purpose, we combined 12 intelligences (IQ, EQ, ...) and Ai. We also took into account that case technology in education today is the most effective mainstream in advanced countries.

We’ve patented the Ai-7W program in the Library of Congress of the USA. It has been tested in the best public, private, alternative, family, and home schools in many countries. Now it is recognized as a very suitable tool for teachers, parents, mentors, coaches and tutors to create the child’s personal educational path. 

3. 7******* Star Schools 7W

This 7W project combines the most advanced and valuable ideas of «smart schools», similar to smart homes. These schools will set powerful new trends, becoming the brand name and a benchmark for educators, who still are waiting when the first major crucial education breakthrough appears. 

This 7********-Star school will have precise answers on the 7 “W” questions, that occured in the 21-st century: Why learn?... What to learn?... hoW to learn?... Who should teach?... Where to study?... How much should it cost?... What will be the results at the end of the day?

It is a new model of the K-12 school in digital era where there will be several powerful international Education Platforms, which will provide different education formats and give parents right choices to choose individual type of school, which is suitable for their child.

The evolution of the world education systems and society-parents’ demand requires, as they say, quantum leap. And it is time to accomplish it.