Tram Ninh

Tram Ninh

Jyväskylä, Finland

HundrED Ambassador - Deputy Director at Center for Study of Higher Education (CSHE)


I think of life as a marvelous journey of questioning and looking for answers in which we gradually discorver and promote values in ourselves, in others and in the world.

7 years of working in journalism and media sector helped to enrich my understanding of the surrounding world and supplied me with sufficients skills in journalism, analysis, self-management, cooperation and so on so that I can work well in profesional working environment. I appreciate that time for changes that it brought to my thinking, feeling and attitude.

However, my quest did not stop there and I kept discovering other possibilities. Now I find myself also in the position of a young social sciences researcher with great passion for education and social development, who want to promote the values of education and contribute to bringing a better future for all.