Timothy Dziedzom  Amaglo-Mensah

Timothy Dziedzom Amaglo-Mensah


Lead, Stay In School Initiative | A Passionate Education Advocate | SDG 4| A Reader | A HundrEd Ambassador| Be the change, the world needs it 🌍

My name is Timothy Dziedzom Amaglo-Mensah. I am the Lead of the Stay In School Initiative and a HundrEd Ambassador. I am passionate about the development of children in deprived and vulnerable communities because growing up in an inner city myself was tough as I leveraged  education to change my life. Providing mentoring and stationery support to children who are naturally predisposed to be out of school due to their communities of origin, their physical geographical location, and their orientation process is a passion. Through the Stay In School Initiative I have mentored and supported students in the island community of Bomigo in Keta and Agordeke in Peki, all in Ghana . I am a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). RLC, West Africa Online Cohort 13 fellow. 

Through YALI, I have successfully completed courses in Community Organizing for Action and Leadership, the deciding difference. These have empowered and reinforced me to take my Initiative to a notch higher . 

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

The HundrED Community is a good avenue to network with like minded individuals who have effectively executed projects in their respective countries to collaborate and co-create that will create long lasting  innovations needed to solve  to our education problems . The community goals of promoting community development through education is one I relate to hence piquing my interest. I hope to be an evolved asset for the HundrEd comm

How can education support students to flourish?

By ensuring equal access, quality education and inclusivity for children all over the world. With this approach we can harness the best skills out these students to create a better future.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation changes the approach to learning. It brings to bare different facets of learning that attracts the interest of learners and open them up a world of amazing opp

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

•Education Cities 

In an ever changing world that moves from the pyramid paradigm to the network paradigm, what Education Cities  does by developing the art of collaborations – in the classroom, in school, in the city, in the country and worldwide. This innovation brings learners closer to ideas all of the world 


This is where children have the rare opportunity to learn from each other. They instructors are children who have a desire to help other children learn and are passionate about the subject they are instructing. Whiles they offer live weekly clubs I think it’s the best form of encouraging the reading culture in the learners 


This progtackles youth unemployment by partnering with youth, schools, and governments to redefine education so that youth in Africa receive the skills to attain further education, overcome gender inequities, start businesses, get jobs, and drive development in their communities.

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

Stay In School Initiative

Mentoring and support for children in deprived and vulnerable communities most especially in this era of COVID-19. Participating in research to improve access, quality and inclusivity for girls in the times of the pandemic 

The Project 5000

Led by SpreadAid International, this project seeks to support children all over the country with stationery supplies through organic support. 

School Farms

Promoting access and availability of food in Senior High Schools in Ghana through the adoption of School Farms.