Tazeen Siddiqui

Tazeen Siddiqui

I am an Educational consultant and a counselor. I am Director State Telangana W.A.O.H.R and heading a forum of 400+ Educators across India "Vision India" . My vision is to impart quality Education irrespective of rural and Urban areas and implement the right series of steps in the methodology of delivering a concept and this made me create my theory Tazeen Taxology I have created a Theory Tazeen Taxology the procedure to deliver a concept in a classroom in an effective way which is selected at Harvard university of WEI International Academic conference and implemented across Indian schools. http://www.lteconomy.it/blog/2019/02/05/tazeen-taxology/ I am also the International Board member of International Long term economy forum . And country chairperson India http://www.lteconomy.it/en/country-chairs-en/category-en-gb/country-chairs http://www.lteconomy.it/en/our-team/category-en-gb/the-team And pictures at our page Mansha Vision India of implementation of Tazeen Taxology https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1966873183608912&id=1722148664748033 I have also introduced long term economy thinking in schools as an activity so that all children get a sound understanding of utilizing resources and managing Emergency situations https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g3TGsKY3GRbL2SPpMZLAYsQhAA8Yx5Vm/view?usp=drivesdk .I have done 100+ Skype sessions in the interior of Rural areas and my journey was recently shared on http://mb.ntdin.tv/en/article/english/channelizing-conflict-love-care-teachers-soulful-journey-changing-young-minds And my article published in top 10 forum of the world http://mb.ntdin.tv/en/article/english/a-poor-exam-score-is-not-the-only-reason-behind-children-committing-suicide I am also Director Ambassador Global Goodwill . I am an expert Columnist for NTDTV top 10 forum of the world http://ntdin.tv/en/article/english/how-to-make-children-gadgets-free-how-to-handle-aggressive-and-restless-children My profile is attached with this email. My journey was also shared on women for one https://womenforone.com/author/tazeensiddiqui/ And our website is http://www.jaimansha.org/team.php We have also launched E- Magazine Dr Kalam International Vision India Reader so that all principals can share knowledge and rise together with Excellence on our website . I am also the Blogger for world long Term economy forum http://www.lteconomy.it/blog/lteconomy/. I won the young Global Researcher award 2018 and my theory titled #Tazeen Taxology# is accepted in UGC international team and journal. I have been awarded " Global Young Researcher award 2019 http://www.gorea.org/awards/research/list-of-global-outreach-research-award-recipients-2019/

Tazeen Taxology
LT-Economy New Economic Models “Tazeen Taxology” – Long-term learning Educational Model The idea of learning starts with the very first thought of understanding the concept. To understand the