Tazeen Siddiqui
Ambassador, Advisory

Tazeen Siddiqui

I am an Educational consultant and a counselor. I am Director State Telangana W.A.O.H.R and heading a forum of 400+ Educators across India "Vision India" . My vision is to impart quality Education irrespective of rural and Urban areas and implement the right series of steps in the methodology of delivering a concept and this made me create my theory Tazeen Taxology I have created a Theory Tazeen Taxology the procedure to deliver a concept in a classroom in an effective way which is selected at Harvard university of WEI International Academic conference and implemented across Indian schools. I am also the International Board member of International Long term economy forum . And country chairperson India And pictures at our page Mansha Vision India of implementation of Tazeen Taxology I have also introduced long term economy thinking in schools as an activity so that all children get a sound understanding of utilizing resources and managing Emergency situations .I have done 100+ Skype sessions in the interior of Rural areas and my journey was recently shared on And my article published in top 10 forum of the world I am also Director Ambassador Global Goodwill . I am an expert Columnist for NTDTV top 10 forum of the world My profile is attached with this email. My journey was also shared on women for one And our website is We have also launched E- Magazine Dr Kalam International Vision India Reader so that all principals can share knowledge and rise together with Excellence on our website . I am also the Blogger for world long Term economy forum I won the young Global Researcher award 2018 and my theory titled #Tazeen Taxology# is accepted in UGC international team and journal. I have been awarded " Global Young Researcher award 2019