Søren Peter Dalby Andersen

Søren Peter Dalby Andersen

Sorø, Denmark

Co-founder and CEO at KlimaZirkus, HundrED Ambassador, project leader at Science Talenter and Cand.mag. fugl fønix. I want to search and go into the crossroads where ideas from different disciplines and cultures meet and collide to eventually ignite an explosion of extraordinary and new discoveries.

My work life has given me a vast practical experience and a theoretical insight into processes concerning general didactics, innovation and especially STEAM didactics. 

I have vast experience with innovation processes, how teachers can use real life problems to develop students with a more diverse set of tools to interpret and interact with the world.

I conduct teachers training in innovation, engineering and have developed a number of inspirational materials for innovation and engineering didactics. Read about my Innovation Didatic

As a former teacher and science/innovation consultant in a municipality I have managed a large number of school development projects and I am use to navigates in the tension field between operation and development. have an operational eye on how we transform theory and learning frameworks to best or next practice.

I am Co-founder and owner of helps students to co-create with mentors from local businesses. This equip a student with skills to deal with complex problems and address SDG's.  We bring sustainability and innovation to students by building Studie 17 and engaging in co-creation processes between students and local businesses. Studie 17 is a meeting place for young people where they can discuss and work on innovative and operational ideas. Studie 17 is nothing less than a studium for change makers.

I am part of the OECDs learning framework 2030 project that deals with how we equip students to thrive in an interconnected world where they need to understand and appreciate different perspectives and world views, interact respectfully with others, and take responsible action towards sustainability and collective well-being  

I have, in recent years, been in charge of national talent efforts in the elementary school areal and teach on Denmark’s only academic talent guidance education (ECTS-point certificated).

Pleace contact me if you have any ideas on how we can collaborate. 

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

What is learned in school ought to be useful to people well after they finish school. I feel that the HundrED Community has a focus of creating people that can interact with the world not just reproduce knowledge. 

At KlimaZirkus we create a future generation with the knowledge, innovation skills and the motivation to work with sustainability and the climate challenges.

We can only do this with the help from truly great people and HunndreED Community is full of great people