Ambassador, Academy

Savitha Ravi

Bengaluru, India

Educator and co founder of a school and an Ed Tech company , I believe that learning never ends and we are all here to add meaning to the world in some way or the other.

My name is Savitha and I have been engaged in the education space for twenty years and worked in different capacities of an educator, leader and co-founder.  Working with children has always excited me and through my journey as a facilitator, I have always learnt best when I have been with children. 

I have engaged with different pedagogies and schools of thought and I realised that I wanted to take a new path towards inclusive and creative education. My expertise has been in the area of curriculum development and interdisciplinary learning. I always believe that learning never stops and this leads to my engagement in research, discovery and innovation.  

The training and varied experiences, guidance from all my mentors finally gave birth to Pramiti, a school that I co-founded with my husband. Experiences we both had in Pramiti and with our sons’ education soon led us to think more about preschool education and learning beyond classrooms. This led to the birth of Ekayana Learners Huddle Pvt. Ltd. that works towards using Science as a base of education right from pre-school years. We realised that awareness needs to be built to cease considering Science as just a subject and start understanding it as a way of thinking. Added to this, we also developed the curriculum for our Thinkerlabs programme under Ekayana, Thinkerlabs is about developing creative mindset and entrepreneurial mindset pathways.

I have been engaged for 20 years now in teaching, developing curricula and educational materials, doing research and developing new methods of teaching and assessing. Awards and acclamation that I received during my journey thus far has made me realise that I have many more miles to go as a learner and how, if all of us in the world collaborate, can make positive changes and progress in any space. Collaboration and sharing have been most important for me coupled with the zeal to never stop learning. 

What started off as a quest for providing methods of hands on learning to children has now become another quest for understanding the whole purpose of education. My belief is that the urge to learn leads to education and this exists in all of us. My engagement as an educator would be to keep alive this urge and kindle at all times the desire to question and find out. I’ve always worked towards helping learners to become responsible for their own learning by being proactive and inquisitive. Education is not imparting information but a path through which we learn how we engage with the information available and use it to help ourselves and the world to live with each other in harmony. Awareness, interdependence, mutual respect and compassion are for me the most important outcomes of an effective education system. In the future, I look forward eagerly to more collaboration and being part of the global movement towards creative teaching practices. 

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I believe that people should come together as a global community to help each other and the world they are part of. this is only possible if we collaborate, share, communicate openly and discuss with each other. I find HundrEd to be one such global platform where I can share my skills and learning and contribute to others' lives in a positive way

How can education support students to flourish?

Education helps us to become self aware and aware of our surroundings and the larger world we are part of. This awareness helps us learn how to use information effectively in an appropriate manner thus helping us to develop and progress. Education makes us more open minded and ready to understand others' points of views which in turn brings in harmony and builds a better world.

What role does innovation play in education change?

The urge to solve a problem or create something better leads to innovation and this is very important even i education. Innovation helps us to develop and learn newer and more effective ways of working and using resources. Hence it does play an important role in education change - by enabling better learning opportunities