Satyam Mishra

Satyam Mishra

Bhagalpur, India

Curriculum Development Specialist, Teach for Nigeria; Global Girls' Education Fellow, Teach for All. Passionate about numbers, education for ALL and technology in education

I am an engineer turned educator and I have been working with first generation college students, refugee students, students with special needs and adult women resuming studies. In the last 7 years as an educator, I have worked/taught in India, South Africa, Nepal, Austria, Bulgaria and Lebanon. Currently I am working with Teach for Nigeria as Curriculum Development Specialist, working with the team to develop the first virtual training institute. I am a Shaper, Global Shapers Community (GSC); a Global Girls' Education Fellow at Teach for All and a 3-time TEDx Speaker. I am currently working on developing a 'Digital Literacy Curriculum' and my efforts have been recognized as 'Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert' this year.