Sardar Rameez  sudhan

Sardar Rameez sudhan

My name is Sardar Rameez Sudhan, an Education Innovator, Emergency Risk Management Practitioner,Columnist & Naturalist who loves mountains.Passionate about Teaching, open to Learning.Seek Truthfulness

Hi Friends. I'm Sardar Rameez Sudhan. I come from Hilly Himalayan State of Jammu & Kashmir.i have been into Teaching for over a decade now.Personally think whole world is a Class for student who is seeker of Wisdom. With plethora of Knowledge available Role a teacher can play is that of a facilitator who follows a Child's curiosity, guides him as a mentor but never limits his imagination. We have now some challenges before us that threaten our being. Planet is suffering. Climate change with frequent disasters have reversed decades of development. It is our responsibility to create Safeguard now. This change will come from Children who can through 3 P's, Protest,Prayer,Petition can do some grassroot level transformation. 

Let's give children a chance to change the way we think. Let them act!