Salisu Isah Ahmed
Ambassador, Academy

Salisu Isah Ahmed

Salisu Isah Ahmed is the MD of SIA A Class Educational consultants, based in Nigeria. SIA as an Educational Firm works with with Islamic Model Schools across Nigeria. Their mandate is to Improve the quality of teaching and learning In schools that offer Islamic and western education in a blended way. Salisu is a specialist in school Administration and school performance evaluation.

Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Lyfta is an award-winning platform made up of interactive storyworlds; 360° spaces and soundscapes of real homes, workplaces and environments. In each storyworld, students can explore, unlock rich med
STEAM Education as a Service
Stemi is helping educational institutions to transform their classrooms into 21-st century innovation labs. We offer a turn-key solution in form of STEAM programs with seamless classroom integration.