Pauline Bunce

Pauline Bunce

Researcher, writer and teacher of English as an Additional Language in Perth, Australia.

I have taught in remote, rural and urban Australia, as well as in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. I am currently teaching in a secondary school in Perth, Australia.

My career has spanned a mix of Humanities and English as an Additional Language teaching.

I have published a number of books and papers, and I regularly deliver professional development to teaching colleagues.

My doctoral research was carried out in Hong Kong, and it examined the "alphabet headaches" experienced by Chinese students while learning to read in English.

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How can education support students to flourish?

By understanding learners' needs.

By starting where students are 'at'.

What role does innovation play in education change?

It is vital. Change comes slowly.

In particular, there are vested interests to overcome. In my field, these are most commonly the publishing houses which 'myopically' produce textbooks for English learners across the globe without a thought regarding their different scriptal backgrounds. These publishers are still assuming a 20th century audience.

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