Pallabi Ghosh

Pallabi Ghosh

Bengaluru, India

I am currently working in an advisory role for Mission Mukti Foundation, an anti-trafficking organization since June 2016. I am cognizant of the laws and regulations across various sectors of social development. In my present job, as a university recruiter, I am helping students acquire cross-functional knowledge and contributing to revamp the education system. My expertise includes: · crisis management of migrants and refugees · social intervention to prevent second-generation prostitution · anti-trafficking advocacy · education management · sensitization of youth about various social evils I am one of the co-founders of the Anti-Slavery Collective for Generation Equality. It is a collaboration of anti-trafficking civil society organizations to strengthen the global efforts against slavery in all its forms. I also have hands-on experience in: • social intervention • awareness building • project management • policymaking • mainstreaming marginalized groups • fundraising • curriculum design