Marzia Afrin Ali Meem

Marzia Afrin Ali Meem


Marzia Afrin Ali Meem is a youth-social activist from Bangladesh. She is Passionate in leadership, communication and development sector.

Marzia Afrin Ali Meem is a medical student and a youth-social activists from Bangladesh. She's the founder of the Treat & Care Foundation and she works in the development sector which is also based in Bangladesh. At the age of 21, she founded her own organization namely Treat and Care Foundation also based in Bangladesh. The foundation focused on helping people during the Coronavirus period through the provision of food. 

Besides that, she is also working with many organizations both on a national and international level. Marzia, is passionate about youth, leadership, communication and social work. Her core beliefs revolve around the power of youth, leadership and positiveness to bring change in the world today.