Maria Regina   Martins Cabral

Maria Regina Martins Cabral


I was born in Pinheiro, on the border of the Northeast with the North of Brazil, a city surrounded by natural fields, which during the rainy season is flooded. My childhood was populated by this scenario in which to the same place at one time of the year I would go by canoe and at the other time I would go by horseback. The same path is dry for six months and flooded for the other part of the year. This awakened me to the countless possibilities of the same territory. Reality and literature were my inspirations. Thousands of people are my interlocutors. Every day I learn. When I was still a child, looking at the places I was going through, I realized that scarcity and abundance can coexist everywhere. As I deepened my knowledge, I realized and experienced many times that what reveals abundance is three things: education, investment and networks. No development is sustainable on its own without these three conditions, in a continuous process. My greatest interest is in the development of territories where scarcity is still what it reveals. What attracts me is the continuous search for solutions, is to draw proposals by stepping on the place where it is needed, helping native people to find other paths that add to their own, from the philosophical perspective of what is in their surroundings. The reason for my life is to materialize shared dreams.

CEMP - Center for Medium and Professional Education
CEMP is a unit of professional education, which has as its methodological principles teaching, research and extension and curricular organization in transversal axes and disciplines, which articulate