Marcela Gómez
Ambassador, Advisory

Marcela Gómez

Bogotá, Colombia

Since my passion for teaching and learning is everlasting, I am STEAM/ESL Teacher, as well as #STEAMCulture and Educational Innovation Coach and Consultant. My purpose is to work hard every day to promote the construction of significant learning communities, in which authentic learning is the motto.

I am Mechanical Engineer, with a Master in Sciences and Mathematics, and certified in Educational Coaching, STEAM Education, Assessment towards Competencies, among others. Also, my background experience involves applied research on Materials Engineering, Industry and Education. This has been influenced by my early interest in connecting discoveries and communities, which has driven me to meet and work on STEM/STEAM Education since 2008. I have been collaborating with different learning communities in Colombia and Latinamerica to develop glocal strategies to help our children and teenagers in scaffolding their learning process.
Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I have found this Community thanks to my colleagues Juan Manuel Pico (already Ambassador) and Martha Gómez, founders of Education Soul. I have fell in love with it, since its aim is to discover and share the essence of our society: human innovation for human growth, giving technology a meaningful purpose based on real-life needs. It is not innovation as a brain trainer, but as a community transformer. I am feeling inspired for this community, not only to keep doing what I do, but to contribute to this endeavor and support what is really seeking for real, better education.

How can education support students to flourish?

Education is based on sense of belonging and sense of influence, meaning that it helps every student to be aware of their uniqueness into a really unique community, which becomes better and more unique with the growth of its members. Education guides students to open eyes wide to their reality and their role into it, showing how their comprehension has transformed humanity. Therefore, education allows consciousness of how each individual decision and action, is affecting the way everything goes on.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Since education is as dynamic as humanity, innovation is key. Innovation is also action into awareness, since it leads to the understanding of society and its variations, and allows to predict the impact of those variations, as well as several alternatives to potential scenarios. Innovation remembers us how fluent we are, and advises us to be prepared to receive and produce this fluency.

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

1. Fuji Kindergarten (Japan) - It is more than an architectural creation, it is the manifesto of a community interest into children's wellness in learning. It regards the impact of a positive learning environment into preparing these kids to a collaborative world.

2. MeHackIt (Finland) - It leverages the experience of STEM/STEAM Education, through connecting Arts with Programming through makerspaces and daily experiences, making learning fun and affordable for everyone.

3. Erase All Kittens (UK) - Its aim to involve girls into coding and removing their  generalized fear of technology through their web-based platform game, boosts more inclusive educational environments for a more inclusive world.