Lissette Rojas
Ambassador, Country lead, Academy

Lissette Rojas

Caracas, Venezuela

Founder of Trix and Trax: The Super Hero Talent Program “Peer to Peer learning” Making Learning a great experience Discover and Develop Talent Trough Live Events - Content Creation - Social Media. Social Entrepreneur. Passionate Life Skills Developer through Talent Nurturing. Global Innovator Ambassador & Youth Academy

Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Trix and Trax
Trix and Trax help students discover and develop talents in arts, music, dance, sports...Who they are? and what is their passion? through "peer learning and Role Playing" the student is always the STA
Programa de Formación de SuperHéroes Trixandtrax
Se creó para garantizar que cada estudiante descubra quién es, qué quiere, sus pasiones y sus talentos, desarrollando habilidades socioemocionales y para la vida de una forma única, divertida, experie
The Trix and Trax Talents & Skills Challenge Experience
Dare to be imaginative, original, and innovative by creating short videos in collaboration with your peers. In The Talents & Skills Challenges Experience students will achieve awareness of individual