Lissette Rojas
Ambassador, Country lead, Academy

Lissette Rojas

Caracas, Venezuela

Founder of Trix and Trax: The Super Hero Talent Program “Peer to Peer learning” Making Learning a great experience Discover and Develop Talent Trough Live Events - Content Creation - Social Media. Social Entrepreneur. Passionate Life Skills Developer through Talent Nurturing. Global Innovator Ambassador & Youth Academy

“Survivor“ TV Reality participant with a law degree, and a MIB brings in detailed knowledge on how to produce content and how to integrate storytelling and visual elements to engage the audiences. Highly motivated and passionate about creating meaningful concepts and 360 content involving music, art, dance, sports, culture meaningful for youth education.

Always move by the idea of promoting youth confidence and talent In 2003 she founded the kitesurfing community of Venezuela and create a community where all the people interested in learning or Kitesurfers could find all the information about the Kitesurfing in Venezuela (Athletes, Event Competitions, schools, places to stay) With Ven A Kite she leed the organization of Kitesurfing Events competitions also produce the 1st. Kitesurfing Reality show for TV with 3 Seasons.

In 2010 the Idea of creating TrixandTrax as a 360 platform format including TV -Live Events -Web - Mobile - For anyone who could do Tricks with anyone who could mix Tracks (Sport & Music) was born and was selected as one of the most innovative concepts of the MIPTV’S competition Content 360, Cannes, France

In 2011 TrixandTrax was selected again as MIPTV’s, Cannes. Content 360 finalists.

2011 TrixandTrax got selected to be part of WAYRA the Startups incubator of Telefonica and started to develop the Technological platform to Integrated talented kids with live events , content and social media all this with a methodology of Peer to peer learning.

The multi-media approach pioneered by TrixandTrax empowers students to develop empathy, leadership, confidence and teamwork skills.

 2013 Trixandtrax was selected to join generation 7 in Start-Up Chile. Where we had the opportunity to launch TrixandTrax Chile. 2016 honored as Citibank Venezuela Entrepreneur of the year. 

2017 selected by as one of the 100 global innovator in education.

2018 Selected by Hundred as Youth Academy and Ambassador

Have been speaker in many cases to motivate young entrepreneurs and also as a mentor for students for Dream BIG, work hard and follow your passion everything is possible as long as you trust in yourself.

She has strong people skills to select and inspire personnel and direct all processes involved in wrapping up jobs in challenging conditions. She enjoys connecting with people from all professional levels, backgrounds, cultures and ages and is a recognized leader in the extreme sports community of Venezuela. 

Specialties: Building high performing teams, managing production logistics for universities, schools and sports events. Defining brand and marketing strategies, Supervising post-production process, PR connecting with business opportunities. Creating and develop innovative meaningful formats that integrate Online with Live Events and social media to generate a positive impact on society and engagement. Also have a strong knowledge in the entrepreneurial world, investors accelerators, and incubators for startups.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

HundrED is the best partner you can have to share your innovation. First, validates that what you're doing is innovative, scalable & has an impact. Then it gives you the opportunity to share it to the world and connects you to a network of schools, educators, students & institutions and also allows you to keep learning from other innovators that share their innovation as part of HundrED. It really is an honor.

How can education support students to flourish?

Help students Discover their purpose in life by listening and giving students a voice in order to understand their needs and let them be part of the solutions to provide the tools and develop the skills they need, build strong self-confidence and reinforce values in each student

What role does innovation play in education change?

innovation allows finding new ways to understand and to come up with engaging solutions to provide students with the skills and tools they need to reach their dreams.

We have to give the students a voice, allow them to get involved they are the center and around whom we should all be creating, adapting and implementing the changes they demand. 

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

Trix and Trax Identify and work in a practical an fun way the talents and socio-emotional and physical skills of students applicable to any area of work and life using the TrixandTrax method, project learning and peer to peer learning, children teaching and motivating children. Student-centric Each student is a Super heroe! 

Student Government Lotteries: Great twist by doing this every child have the opportunity to get to be the school leader regardless of your popularity.  This way even if you are very shy you might get the opportunity to develop your leadership skills

Time Tables Rock Star : Fun and creative way to learn Math