Lisa Short
Ambassador, Advisory

Lisa Short

Mind Shifter & Change Maker | Frontier Technology, Social Impact & Education Transformation Strategist, Advisor & Ambassador | My paradigm is change must all be in a world, where we achieve the UN SDG's and build our future together as one community, with parity across education, gender, age, innovation and global citizenship. Big Challenges require BIG Solutions!

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Employability is a major driver for education. In order to prepare the workforce for the future, education will also require epochal transition.

The workforce requires preparation and skills for more rapid economic and social change than ever before; for jobs that have not yet been created; to use technologies that have not yet been invented but will exist tomorrow, and to solve social problems that we do not yet know will arise - and the capacity to be resilient and adaptive to such extraordinary change!

Through collaborative communities of forward thinkers with a common goal to truly adopt innovation education will change.

How can education support students to flourish?

I don't believe that education has industry or institutional "boundaries" that in singularity support students to flourish. Elimination of boundaries is part of the revolution in thinking that is required.

The desire to learn throughout life, and creating an environment that supports, promotes and delivers learning opportunities affords the greatest potential for people to flourish. We are all students and teachers, and we all learn and  continue to learn from life's varied experiences. Education is that shift in knowledge, capability, thinking, skill and mindset that is the outcome of our learning. 

Formalised learning and educational offering's are just one tool that can excite and feed  people to want to continue to learn and thrive.