Lisa Gottfried
Ambassador, Advisory

Lisa Gottfried

Napa, United States

Digital Design, Game Design and Video Teacher at New Technology High School. Lover of all things Adobe. Adjunct professor of Education Innovation Graduate Program at Touro University in Northern California. Favorite thing to say, "Let's try it. Why not?"

Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
New Technology High School: Blog Portfolio
Blogs serve as a way to connect students with experts in the field, who offer advice, encouragement, and even internships and jobs. It is time for educators to harness the power that blogs can provide
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Global Create-a-thon
What happens when you give students a high visibility space in the community to present their creative projects and then give them a day to create art, animations, drawings, photographs, stop action,
Link Online Learners
We host a series of weekly live video link ups between young people of different cultures from all around the world. LOL sessions are where your own seemingly ordinary culture and way of life becomes