LIrot  Olam

LIrot Olam


The Lirot Olam (See the World) Initiative connects classrooms and inspirational experts in their field via on-line platforms. Students get to ask whatever they are curious about, get inspired and invite the real world into the classroom.

The Lirot Olam (See the World) initiative was founded in 2013 by Tomer Baratz, a highschool teacher. The initiative is aimed at creating curiousity and inspiration in the classroom, when students use on-line platforms to meet and talk to experts from different areas (artists, innovators, social activists, high tech experts, scientists and more) and social and ethnic sectors.

Our goals are:

1. To turn students into curious, active and knowledge-loving learners.

2. To allow students from various socio-economic bacgkgrounds nd geographical locations (in Israel and worldwide) to meet inspirational role models.

3. To connect different sectors in the Israeli society, by exposing students to experts from these sectors.

4. To encourage people to contribute to the education of children in Israel and worldwide.

5. To connect our Israeli experts to educators and people working in educational systems all over the world.