Lara Crivelaro

Lara Crivelaro

Campinas, Brazil

Founder of EFÍGIE Educacional, Academic Director of EducBank, PhD in Sociology. Director of International Relations at ANEBHI, a non-profit association to assist in the development of hybrid education

Most of Brazilian schools don’t have access to capital, which causes financial instability and lead to high delinquency rates. Consequently, educators end up overwhelmed with administrative and financ
EFFormare Hybrid Collaborative Learning
Bringing basic education professionals together to meet through projects applied in public or private schools, aiming at exchanging experiences, communication, collaboration, developing new projects i
ANEBHI (National Association of Hybrid Basic Education
ANEBHI is a non-profit association whose main objective is to contribute to the development of hybrid education in all stages and modalities of basic education, creating a collaborative community of t